Britain’s Got Olympic Talent!

Last night I engaged in dialogue on the subject of Britain’s Got Talent with a cultural historian of leisure. We exchanged feverish texts as Grumpy and I sat watching the finale  – who will win? The Streetdancing St Trinians? The dog? The Sad Singing Boy? Grumpy had his money on The Loveable Rogues, if you are wondering.

It was the dog what won. Of course. What might have been more interesting, however, for us observers of Olympification was the routine by Aquabatique, the synchronised swimming quartet made up of former Olympians. At one point, I am sure that they rendered the 2012 logo through the medium of aquatic dance. Check it out, and tell me I’m wrong:

It’s the logo, right?

It had all the elements of Olympic fun. It makes you think, wouldn’t it have been easier to just have the Olympics in BGT format? The representatives of different sports could come on, and we could vote on who we thought was most entertaining? Simon Cowell would stump up the prize money. Sorted.


4 thoughts on “Britain’s Got Olympic Talent!

  1. I must admit that I got pulled into the BGT viewing somewhat… argument is that the children at school were all talking about it and therefore I felt compelled to watch to be able to engage in dialogue with them! I really liked the swimmers although I thought they were better in the semi-final than the actual final. Can I trust you are partial to “The Voice”? I think I may already know the answer…..

    • But how did you know? Grumpy is partial to every kind of subjective-judgement-competition show going, especially if they have music in them (his specialist subject, along with Chelsea). Thankfully, there are rather a lot of them these days, particularly if you are not averse to the joys of ITV2. You can’t tell if you are watching the World Cup or Top of the Pops any more!

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