It’s a wrap! Or is it…?


Games sustainability watchdog, Meredith Alexander, has quit her post over Dow Chemical’s controversial sponsorship of the Olympics. Dow Chemical took over Union Carbide, the company responsible for the Bhopal disaster in 1984, but the official 2012 Olympics line is that they have nothing to do with that tragedy, since all liabilities had already been settled.  However, campaigners argue that people continue to be affected by what was the world’s worst industrial accident, with toxic waste still leaking into the local area’s water supplies.

Dow Chemical is a global Olympic sponsor and is funding the ‘wrap” that will surround the Olympic Stadium. In December last year, the company agreed to abandon plans to brand the wrap with its logo for test periods before the games.

However, Meredith Alexander argued on BBC 5 Live that the wrap gave the company false legitmacy.

Now, are there any other companies that are being falsely legitimised by the Olympics, I wonder…?